Sustainable City

Reduce stormwater run-off through capital improvements; support coyote management programs; improve energy/water efficiency.

Policy Platform

Torrance must have effective Operation and maintenance of streets, sewers, sidewalks, trees, transit and water to protect our environment. To improve in this area, I would work with the City team to:

  • Reduce waste throughout the City, especially from an energy and water perspective.
  • Curb pollution from stormwater runoff, making capital improvements to repair broken pipes using grants from state and federal sources.
  • Explore alternative transportation options, including micromobility that uses multiple means to help people travel locally,, from a currently planned trolley system on wheels to promoting neighborhood electric vehicles.
  • Monitor and implement a coyote management program, consistent with recommendations from state experts. 
  • Advocate for regular reporting to ensure refinery safety and, consistent with the City’s strategic plan, encourage regulatory entities to investigate other alkylation technologies.
  • Increase tree planting and usage of native plants.
  • Continue the noise-monitoring system at the Torrance Airport.

Experience/Qualifications to Lead the Plan

  • On the Council, initiated the first energy and water audit, leading to $300,000 in annual electricity and water savings.
  • Authorized expanding the green waste program Citywide when I was on the Council.
  • As a Councilman, championed Torrance taking part in the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan.
  • After seeing reports critical of the City, shepherded measures to streamline and expedite processing of solar panels on homes.
  • On the Council, oversaw the rebranding of Torrance Transit and the use of hybrid electric buses.
  • Awarded an “Environmental Champion”, for my work on the Council, by the LA League of Conservation Voters.
  • Oversaw the development of the Traffic Management Center, which improved light synchronization and implemented “permissive left” technology.
  • Served on the Madrona Marsh Foundation board.
  • Initiated the noise monitoring system at the Torrance Airport.