Smart Development

Ensure development maintains the character of our community.

Policy Platform

Torrance is a balanced City – and we should strive to maintain this balance, adhering to State laws while ensuring we maintain the character of our community. I would work with the City team to:

  • Preserve Torrance’s quality of life by making sure it remains a balanced and family-oriented community.
  • Oppose over-development and cut-through traffic caused by the wrong project in the wrong place and out of character with the neighborhood.
  • Advocate at the State level to fight Sacramento over-reach. Work with our state representatives to fight erosion of local control.
  • Institute revitalization zones, which integrate holistically residential, commercial, and industrial areas. In particular, the Downtown Revitalization Zone provides a great opportunity to organically and comprehensively further improve downtown Torrance.
  • Continuously improve operations at the permit center, developing key performance indicators to provide efficient service.
  • Enforce the Hillside Overlay Ordinance.

Experience/Qualifications to Lead the Plan

  • While on the Council, I worked with the League of California Cities to advocate that redevelopment funds be preserved to support local projects.
  • As a Councilman, I scrutinized development projects, supporting projects that were consistent with the character of the community – and opposing those that were not.
  • On the Council, I advocated for historic preservation to enable residents to maintain the character of Old Torrance. I also approved the consolidated permit center, designed to unify City services.