School-City Partnerships

Torrance is fortunate that the City and School District boundaries are identical. By closely working with the School District, we can improve services and reduce costs:

Policy Platform

  • Enhance a close working relationship with Torrance Unified to improve services, reduce costs and help our schools remain top performing.
  • Work collaboratively to improve shared facilities and field usage, coordinate services (such as after school programs and community education), investigate shared vendors, and coordinate teen programs.
  • Continue the City’s help for schools, including crossing guards and school resource officers, for the safety of our school age children.

Experience/Qualifications to Lead the Plan

  • As an El Camino trustee, supported dual enrollment so Torrance students can earn college credit while at high school.
  • At El Camino, advocated for Open Education Resources, which saved students $1 million in textbook costs annually.
  • Campaigned for Measures Y and Z to help improve Torrance schools.
  • As a Torrance Commissioner, ensured that students had access to the Torrance plunge.