Videos and Recorded Candidate Forums

Here is a video that summarizes Cliff's candidacy, which was part of the City's "Open Mic Night."  As a Cable TV Commissioner in 1999, Cliff initiated this program to enable the public to hear from candidates directly.    


And three of the candidate forums were recorded!  You can compare the candidates by watching the forums. 

Thanks to the League of Women Voters for hosting a forum on May 3.  The forum starts at about 7 minutes into the link, with opening statements at about 10 minutes in.

Thanks to the Southwood and West Torrance Home Owner Associations for hosting a forum on April 21. The Mayoral Candidate Forum is at approximately 8:45 minutes into the link.

Thanks to the North Torrance and Old Torrance Neighborhood Associations for hosting a forum on April 14.  The Mayoral Candidate Forum starts shortly after the start of the video.