Advocate for Public Safety

Drive excellence in responsiveness, enhanced training such as Principled Policing. Strictly monitor refinery operations.

Policy Platform

Public safety is a critical local government service. I would work with the City team to help make neighborhoods safe by doing the following:

  • Ensure public safety remains a top priority in Torrance.
  • Ensure excellence by evaluating paramedic, fire and emergency response times and triaging.
  • Partner with other agencies and organizations such as El Camino's planned Public Safety Training Center, which can provide local, enhanced training for recruits and incumbent staff.
  • Support the City's Principled Policing program, a Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)-certified course on procedural justice and implicit bias, to improve public safety training and ensure the fair administration of justice.
  • Utilize new technologies and processes (such as specialization, with non-badge carrying professionals carrying out specific public safety tasks, such as the CSI team).
  • Reduce the burden on public safety personnel by leveraging other specialties (such as social workers) and trained volunteers and retirees (who can help with financial crime investigation and in other areas), as well as enhancing training and psychological support for badge-carrying team members.
  • Recruit and retain public safety team members by considering referral bonuses, housing policies to encourage team members to live in the City, and workers compensation administration reform.

Experience/Qualifications to Lead the Plan

  • Approved the Public Safety Training Center at El Camino College.
  • As a Councilman, approved adding a paramedic response unit to enhance services.
  • On the Torrance Council, scrutinized the budget to find funds to save two public safety positions, slated to be cut during the Great Recession.
  • Authorized the creation of the professional CSI team.
  • Appointed by the State Senate, as a Councilman, to the California Council on Criminal Justice.
  • In fall 2021, after two former officers were charged with spray painting swastikas on an impounded car, organized counsel to the City from local clergy and a civil rights organization.