Torrance Mayor's Race - A Message to Share with Friends

You can share the below message with friends via email or otherwise - to get the word out about the June 7 election!

I wanted to urge you to vote for my friend and former Councilman Cliff Numark for Torrance Mayor in the June 7 election!

Why does this matter now?

Because Torrance has the 4th worst fiscal condition in California, and Cliff is the only candidate with the experience and track record to help steer us through this crisis.

A few fast facts about Cliff:

  • 14 years in elected office since 2008; twice elected to Torrance Council and currently in his second term as El Camino College trustee
  • 24 years leading businesses, driving up to $1.5 billion in revenues and leading 2,000 employees
  • 80+ Torrance current and former, elected and appointed bipartisan officials have endorsed his campaign for Mayor, along with many organizations, including Torrance Public Safety
  • He helped Torrance get through the Great Recession with $50 million in reserves
  • He has a track record of policy action - he initiated Seniors Don't Be Scammed to warn of fraud and financial abuse and advocated for the program that saved El Camino College Students $1 million in textbook costs

Please make sure to make an informed decision during election season, and Make Your Mark for Numark on June 7th! (You can find 7 reasons to vote for Cliff at

For more information about Cliff and his campaign, please visit his website at, his Facebook page ( or on Instagram (