I'm Proud to Be a Torrance Resident

I'm Proud to Be a Torrance Resident

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your support these past few months. I spent Election Night with family, friends, and volunteers who started off as volunteers but are all now firmly friends of mine.

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we were not successful on election day. I wish Councilman Chen – and the new council – congratulations and the best of luck in leading the City. I am here to help in any way.

Indeed, I have a great passion for public service: I plan to continue to serve our community as I run for re-election for my El Camino Community College District board seat in November. [Photo above: I am at El Camino’s graduation today, with student trustee Karina Ramirez.] I plan to take many of the issues I talked about on the mayoral campaign – on bringing people together, financial discipline, workforce development and sustainability – to continue service to our community.

With respect to the Mayoral election, I would like to especially thank the residents of Torrance. I have spent the past five months walking and phone banking to so many of you; as a team, we knocked on 20,000 doors and made 15,000 phone calls to reach you. Thank you, Torrance residents, for your support, your concerns and your ideas! We live in a city that truly cares about our neighbors and our neighborhoods. I am so proud to be a Torrance resident.

Thank you to all of my friends and supporters who supported my campaign in so many ways. You walked precincts with me, donated to my campaign, helped put together lawn signs in your garage, hosted events so I could meet your neighbors, sent your friends text messages about me, endorsed my campaign… I could go on and on. I am overwhelmed and humbled. Thank you.

Thank you to my amazing campaign manager, Tammy! It’s not easy to pull off a full-time job AND run a campaign like we did. You have had to deal with a lot of late nights and long weekends. I am grateful for your leadership for heading my campaign.

Lastly – thank you to my family - to my sister, my brother, my mother in law Dale and my Mom - thank you so much for your support. To my two kids, Lincoln and Pearl, and my wife, Diane – you three have sacrificed your time, were my biggest cheerleaders and stood by me every step of the way. You showed up at every kickoff, rally and event. I simply could not have done this without your love and support.

We ran because we believe we can make Torrance a better place. We can bring our community together to solve the various challenges we face as a city. And in that spirit, I would again like to offer congratulations to Councilman Chen on his win. Because at the end of the day, we all want the same thing. To improve the city of Torrance for our neighbors and our children.