Endorsement Videos

Former Torrance Police Lieutenant and former Councilman Geoff Rizzo has endorsed Cliff. Councilman Rizzo observed Cliff's acumen in overseeing the City's budget when Cliff was on the Council - and recognized Cliff's support for public safety.

School Board President Betty Lieu has endorsed Cliff. Board President Lieu believes that Cliff has a track record of partnerships, from his time at El Camino and the City, and with Cliff as Mayor, the City and schools can work more closely together.  She also believes that Cliff can bring Torrance's diverse community together.

Former Councilman Bill Sutherland has endorsed Cliff. Councilman Sutherland served with Cliff on the City Council - and he believes in Cliff's integrity, knowing that Cliff wants to do what is best for Torrance, to make Torrance even better.

El Camino Community College Trustee and President of the California Community College Trustees Ken Brown has endorsed Cliff. Trustee Brown and Cliff worked together to save students $1 million in textbook costs annually, introduced the South Bay Promise program to provide free tuition for first year students and improved graduation rates. Trustee Brown credits Cliff's innovation for helping El Camino move forward.

Former Councilman Kurt Weideman has endorsed Cliff.  Councilman Weideman, who served on the Torrance Historical Society Board with Cliff, recognized that Cliff has the broad analytical skills, creativity and innovation to help lead Torrance.

Torrance Mayor Pat Furey has endorsed Cliff.  Mayor Furey recalled that Cliff worked with other members of the Council to guide the City out of the Great Recession - and has expertise in attracting, retaining and growing businesses, such as catalyzing the South Bay Entrepreneurial Center to help start up businesses.