Addressing Homelessness

Use a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach for homelessness while preserving neighborhoods.

Policy Platform

  • I support the intent of the City’s first steps to address homelessness. I would work with the City team to:
  • Put a high priority on finding alternative locations to the current pallet program location, leveraging funds from the County and other governments.
  • Take other actions (such as utilizing strategies such as the previous state program "Project Roomkey" and "Project Homekey") that can help the estimated 332 people who are without homes, 28% of whom are not sheltered. 
  • Partner with other agencies and expand the team, inclusive of volunteers, to encourage those living on the streets to become housed.  Support efforts for the County of Los Angeles to "create a County entity and identify a leader that can unify the work product of various agencies and eliminate existing silos to create a more transparent and effective response that fully incorporates mainstream systems," as recommended by the recently released Blue Ribbon Commission on Homelessness.

Experience/Qualifications to Lead the Plan

  • As a Councilman, I interacted frequently with the South Bay Council of Governments to implement regional solutions.
  • At El Camino College, I supported the Warrior Pantry, which offers healthy food items and toiletries to students to help them succeed in their classwork without distractions caused by food insecurity.