Cliff Numark for Torrance Mayor

Former Torrance Councilman Cliff Numark, a businessman and current elected El Camino College Trustee, is a candidate for Torrance Mayor in the June 2022 election. He is the experienced, independent leader to bring Torrance together.

Cliff's experience in government, business and community organizations demonstrates that he can effectively lead Torrance.  In elected office, Cliff has a record of accomplishment, prioritizing education, keeping neighborhoods safe, supporting seniors, making government more cost-effective, creating a sustainable city and attracting businesses to create jobs. 

In Cliff's business career, he has advised start up companies, served as a CEO, and led a team of 2,000 people, managing more than $150 million in expenses and contributing $250 million in revenue increases and expense reductions over five years.  As the former Senior Vice President for the American Red Cross, he was responsible for the national Red Cross blood supply, helping save millions of lives.

Throughout Cliff's career, he has contributed to large and small nonprofit organizations, serving in leadership roles to advance charitable missions, promoting business and creating jobs, fostering the arts, appreciating history and serving the needy. 

Numark earned a Master in Public Affairs degree from Princeton University, a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Science from the University of Sussex Engineering School, and a B.A. from Pomona College.

Cliff's family has deep roots in the community - he was born in the South Bay and married Diane, a Torrance native. Diane's grandmother, Harriet, was one of the early residents of New Horizons. Cliff's mom, Wendy Wengrow, and Diane's mom, Dale Korman, are former City Commissioners.  His two children, Lincoln and Pearl, attend Riviera Elementary.

Cliff is running to help bring Torrance Together - so it can continue to be a great place for Cliff's kids - and so many other children, seniors and families in Torrance. As Mayor, Cliff will focus his energies on issues and priorities most important to Torrance:

  • Safe, secure and stable neighborhoods.
  • School-City partnerships to help improve Torrance schools and the community.
  • Business-friendly city government to attract companies that create jobs.
  • Support for seniors.
  • Sustainable City that maintains streets, preserves the environment and regionally addresses homeless issues.
  • Fiscally sound, accountable and common-sense city government.